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METAHYBRID Think Tank - innovation-driven core

As "METAHYBRID Think Tank", AUTOMOTEAM is the innovation-driving core in the technological ecosystem. Depending on the project environment and degree of innovation of a product, the product and service components are bundled in a tailor-made manner in all phases from the identification of new applications to application development and production.

The METAHYBRID consortium includes all entities involved in the process of creating a product:

- consultation

- product development

- technology development

- development-related services

- development and production accompanying material analysis

- standardization and standardization

- technology transfer

- production

Experience in product development for over 20 years.



Production of METAHYBRID components

The conventional hybrid components not only combine the strengths, but also the weaknesses of individual materials. This severely restricts their use in modern applications with multifunctionality requirements, e.g.:

- in a hybrid component exposed to wear, the metal component must be made of steel, not aluminum

- if the hybrid component is to demonstrate dielectric properties, the metal component must be completely encased by the plastic

- media-dense bond between metal and plastic is very expensive to impossible

- metales have good heat conduction, but are not dielectrics. Plastics are dielectric, but poorly conductive to heat

- and much more

A METAHYBRID component combines modern and conventional technologies into a unique lightweight material system with new potentials in terms of function, weight, economy, resource consumption and environmental friendliness:

- plastic components

- polymer-metal hybrids

- METAKER® components with new functional properties

- OPENPORE components with new structural properties

- electrical, electronic and mechatronic components

- and much more






Production of plastic components and polymer-metal hybrids

- 3D construction

- toolmaking for tools up to 600 * 600 mm. and 1,000 kg.

- modern injection molding machines from Demag, Engel and LG.

- closing force of 80 to 400 t.

- spray weight up to 2.5 kg.

- tool size up to 1200 * 800 mm.

- processing of various materials

- production with customer-specific injection molding tools

- 24/7 production and service.


Experience in mass production for over 60 years.



Production of METAKER® components

- modification of light metal components (Al, Mg, Ti):

- solid parts

- sheet metal parts

- foils

- metal meshs

- light metal foams

- thin films on water-resistant materials

- water-resistant material hybrids with a light metal component

- OPENPORE components


Components with any geometric complexity and component size up to several square meters.

Prototypes and series production (several million parts per year).

Experience in mass production for over 9 years.



Production of OPENPORE components

- round material / disc (diameter: 3 - 360 mm, length: 2 - 1,200 mm)

- pipe (diameter: 3 - 360 mm, length: 2 - 2,000 mm)

- block / plate / sheet (length x width: 850 x 650 mm, height: 2 - 200 mm)

- drawing parts (Min. Length x width: 3 x 3 mm, Max. Length x width: 850 x 650 mm, Height: 2 - 200 mm)

- selective porous components

- material hybrids

- adjustable, homogeneous, mixed, graded pore sizes

- modification in the METAKER® Surface method


Over 400 standard molds. If necessary, production of specific molds.

Open-pore magnesium chill casting available on request.

Prototypes and series production (several million parts per year).

Experience in mass production for over 29 years.



Production of electrical, electronic and mechatronic components

Development and production of own electrical, electronic and mechatronic components for the industrial automation systems incl. own software solutions for the implementation of automated process control systems.

Development and production of customized solutions.

Contract manufacturing:

- machine-mounted SMD assembly including water-resistant coatings

- sheet metal housing, sheet metal parts

- bobbin

- assembly

- validation


Project-specific procurement.

Experience in mass production for over 29 years.




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