Lightweight construction and energy efficiency as they were not possible before

AUTOMOTEAM is a technology-oriented R&D company with a unique market position.

We develop highly innovative series applications with a focus on multifunctional material hybrids with previously unknown properties and potentials in terms of weight, functionality, energy efficiency, aesthetics, resource consumption, environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.

The most modern technologies such as METAKER® Surface or OPENPORE Light Metals are changing the imagination of the constructional, functional and economic potentials of light metals and light metal based hybrid parts.

The new technological ecosystem METAHYBRID allows the materials of conventional and modern material classes to be combined with material properties that have been modified on request to form a unique material system. Not only material hybrids, but superordinate hybrids of material hybrids (metahybrids) become possible.

New perception of the feasibility limits opens up new solutions from the optimization of existing products and processes to disruptive product and process innovations in a wide range of technical fields. The results can be convincing:


Material costs:
Cycle time:

- 70 %
- 90 %
- 30 %
+ 900 %

Power consumption:
Thermal conductivity:
Thermal radiation:

- 60 %
+ 12.400 %
+ 7.000 %
+ 100 %

To unlock this potential, our international research and production network is at your disposal.

Discover the new opportunities for your innovative ability, which offer you the unique technologies and competencies of AUTOMOTEAM. For a deeper insight into the new technical world, please contact us for a specific inquiry.


Award-winning METAHYBRID technology platform enables product developers to tap into technical and economic potential in the multi-digit percentage range.

New technological ecosystem for strategic innovation

METAKER® Composites

Conversion of light metal edge layers into an adjustable micro-composite material.

New mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, optical, topological and other properties with many potentials.

Substitution of materials and surface processes.

Production on an industrial scale.


METAKER® Multiplex

New coating systems for the substitution of polluting surface processes.

Completely new features and functions in combination with other surface treatments such as EPD, PVD, screen printing, digital printing and much more.

Modification of light metal layers on different substrates.

Production on an industrial scale.


METAKER® Hybrids

New multifunctional material hybrids with functional integration and new potentials in function, weight and cost.

Modification of light metals both before and after joining with other materials.

Modification of complex generatively produced Al components.

Production on an industrial scale.



OPENPORE Light Metals

New lightweight material class for mechanical, acoustic, thermal, structural, decorative and other applications.

Production of any constructions with reproducible, adjustable properties.

Many advantages compared to metal foams and sintered materials.

Production on an industrial scale.



New multi-material design constructions for mechanical, acoustic, thermal, structural, decorative and other applications.

Porous or selectively porous aluminum parts optionally with inserts made of other materials.

Novel multi-material systems with innumerable other potentials in connection with METAKER® technology.

Production on an industrial scale.



Adaptation of proven fastening systems to modern materials.

Adaptation of modern materials to proven fastening systems.

Multi-material fastening systems.

Multifunctional fastening systems.

Production on an industrial scale.


System competence for implementable solutions

When it comes to strategic innovation, it is often not enough just to consider the technological solutions already available on the market.

For truly great things, you have to adapt the technologies for new product ideas or develop new technological synergies.


When developing a new product, you often come up against the limits of the feasible. Either at the brainstorming or later in the development process.

Our innovations help you to look at these limits from a new angle and often move them to a long distance.



Without implementation, even the best idea remains just an idea. Depending on the project environment, we assume complete responsibility for the innovative product with our special technology network.

Or we develop strategies for application-specific technology transfer together with you and implement them together.



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