Innovative development and technology partner

AUTOMOTEAM stands for future-oriented product development with a superior competence portfolio at a top level and a visionary culture of innovation.

Founded in 2007 as a result of the consistent focus on innovation of a team of experts with decades of experience in automotive development, the company's engineering excellence strategy focuses on the following business areas:


Together with strategic partners, AUTOMOTEAM identifies untapped technological potential to make them industrially usable. The goals are the replacement of classical processes by novel, resource-saving processes, as well as the establishment of new processes and products.


A comprehensive technological portfolio makes AUTOMOTEAM an inexhaustible source of ideas. With its interdisciplinary and cross-industry mindset, the company bridges technical disciplines and delivers valuable, industrially viable innovation ideas for own or customer-specific products.


In cooperation with our customers, we form interdisciplinary top teams and bring together different perspectives synergistically to create a win-win situation.

In this way, we pass on our know-how and technological potential to customers and their suppliers in the automotive industry as well as to the automotive industry, such as mechanical engineering, energy, electrics / electronics and beyond.







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